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Open Show, Sunday  7th April 2019

Name: Adrian Marett Affix:  

I have been involved in dogs since the age of six and competed in junior handling classes. I was KCJO Junior of the Year in 1998.

I award CCs in Cesky Terriers and have an interest in Flatcoated Retrievers and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas through my partner.

Professionally, I worked as Dog World’s events and breed advertising manager until the company ceased trading and am now working in the Kennel Club’s Education and Training team.

Name: Lee A S Cox Affix: Vanitonia

Lee was born into a doggy family and has been handling dogs since 4 years old. He has made up champions in 8 breeds across 3 groups. His kennel has to date made up 93 UK champions with many more abroad. Lee started judging at 13 and is now approved to award CC’s in 34 Breeds across the Gundog, Utility and Toy Groups. He is also approved to judge all 3 groups at Championship show level as well as BIS. He has judged extensively abroad and at Crufts twice.

Name: Sally Leslie Affix: Risdene

I first became involved in the world of sporting dogs when my mother and I acquired an English Springer Spaniel bitch in the early 1970’s. I cut my teeth in the Junior Handling Classes with her. Having acquired a male ESS which was reared by a Sussex Spaniel because his dam died shortly after whelping we also became interested in Sussex and we successfully added these to the kennel.  With the advent of Border Terriers I also gained a husband!

I am proud to say that we have either bred or owned 12 Champions across all three breeds and we always strived to produce dogs that would fit the standard well and be able to do the job they were bred for.

I have been judging for 38 years both in the UK and abroad. I first awarded CCs in 1990 and have judged at Crufts. I have judged all my three breeds at breed club Championship Shows and also at the World Show held in Finland in 2014.

In addition I assisted the Council of Docked Breeds in successfully acting for the Vet accused of docking which ensured that docking continued until the law was changed. I have been involved with, and led, breed seminars and other talks and served on various committees.  I like dogs and I like being with dogs and I endeavour to always remember what it means to be on the end of the lead whether it’s the 1st  or 101st time.